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The ideal reference book when making your own knife from pre-cut blanks, including safety precautions, a list of equipment needed, kinds of steel, blade shapes and purposes, and step-by-step instructions for knife assembly. This book contains detailed instructions for the novice or experienced scrimshander alike.  Each step of the art is shown in beautifully detailed photographs. This book reveals the sharpening techniques needed for everything from razor blades to axes. Whether you require a sharp slicer for the kitchen or a sturdy chopper for the field, this book will show you how to get the edge you need. It lives up to its productname.
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Our Price: $19.95
This comprehensive volume covers historical uses, tools, materials, and shell selection, as well as techniques for working with mother-of-pearl An outstanding publication for beginning and advanced knifemakers and collectors! A definite must for your library. This step-by-step knifemaking workbook was written by Americass best knifemakers. For the beginner, the three major techniques of knifemaking are explained and illustrated in detail. This publication is extremely valuable for the advanced knifemaker, with tips on the crafting of fine knives, production shortcuts and other techniques garnered by master craftsmen through years of professional experience For the knife collector, the book offers information that is needed to judge the quality of knives and evaluate your own collection. "$50 KNIFE SHOP" By Wayne Goddard
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Our Price: $25.50
This book is geared toward the beginner & includes details that other writers overlooked.  Includes chapters on making your own blade from start to finish, sheathmaking, etching, production techniques and a discussion on the whole spectrum of steel alloys. By Joe Kertzman
Never before has there been a fully illustrated, all color, step by step book on how to make knives..... until now. 2nd Edition.
33rd Edition, the Knives annual book is more relevant than ever.  This book is a must-have reference for knifemakers, enthusiasts, collectors daily users and purveryors.
Our Price: $30.00
A compilation of Wayne Goddard columns and advice on every aspect of knifemaking. Articles from Blade Magazine. One of the best and most informative videos we have seen. Teaches you about the various hammers and tools to use. How to weld a cableDamascus billet complete with heat treating, blade finishing and handle fabrication and assembly. One of the best we have seen. Learn from the Master: 6 step sharpening procedure; Kata-ha sharpening; Tanto blade re-grinding; Achieving defined points; Using stones so they wear evenly; Shortcomings of guides and jigs; Function of polishing sludge; What to do with serrations; Effect of angled-micro serrations on cutting; Pitting on carbon steel blades.
Our Price: $39.95
Over 8 years ago, Carter Cutlery forged a new beginning into the world of instructional videos.  Murray has refined and revised the process that has enabled thousands to effectively sharpen any blade.  We have proved that Murray's techniques can enable anybody to master freehand sharpening.  Now with up-to-date techniques and a new "Seven Step Procedure" for effective sharpening, this video will equip, entertain, and inspire you to join the ranks of countless other successful students. 2 hours and 51 minutes. If you've been looking for a book on forging blades or making Damascus, this beautifully illustrated book is for you. Let master bladesmith, Jim Hrisoulas, guide you through workshop set-up, exotic and commonly used bladesmith steel, forging, heat treating, making of Damascus and many other phases of the bladesmith's art. Step by step making an awesome 3 piece knife.
Our Price: $50.00
A very unique book that explains how to engrave simply and factually. How-to instructions are given for drawing scrolls and layouts, lettering, etc.  Much of the original work is intended for you to copy and transfer to your own knives. The book consists  of 208 pages with over 1300 photographs, drawings, designs, layouts and illustrations. Begin engraving with this book. This Western Bladesmith thrives on pushing the envelope of possibilities to create new and different charismatic knife designs that always reflect his affinity for the Old West.