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15N20 Forging Steel
Our Price: 2.50
This is 1075 with 2% Nickel. Works well with 1084 tool steel. .083" x 1 1/4" x 11" (This is sheared in 11" pcs)
Excellent forge welding steel. Use with 15N20. 3/16" x 1 1/4"  Sold by the foot. Forge Welding Strips in 1" x .030!  (10ft. per lb.) Sold by the pound.
Our Price: 6.95
Our Price: 9.00
One inch thick blanket insulation for lining the walls and lid of your forge. Also used on floor but we suggest a layer of Satanite Refractory to be used with it. Good to 2300o. Comes in 12" x 24" increments.

***This product is sold by the square foot with a 2 sq. ft. minimum. If you would like more than the 20 sq. ft. available online, please call!
52100 TOOL STEEL. .177" X 2.68" Has a slight bend in it due to being on a coil, so if grinding this for blades it will need to be straightened.  No need to do anything to it if you are forging it.  Sold by the foot. Excellent High Carbon Steel for Forging.  Welds and etches very nicely. Available in 1/4" x 1" x 36" Carbon 1.05
Chromium 0.50%
Vanadium 0.75%
Manganese 0.75%
Pure Nickel for Forge Welding  1/4 pound spool.  Available in .004 X 1.25" Rigidizer for inswool. A liquid used to spray on inswool to stiffen and toughen after placing inswool in your forge. Apply with a spray bottle. (Not included) Pint Refractory material for lining the floor of your forge. Also good to use as a slurry to seal the inswool on the walls of your forge. 5 lb.
List Price: $16.25
Our Price: 16.25
1084 POWDER STEEL 5 LB CONTAINER. USED FOR FORGING DAMASCUS Bill Fiorini was gracious enough to allow us to offer his formula. Weve had good feedback on the use of this flux.5 lb. Package