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Our Price: $0.75
Boot Clips For Sheaths
Our Price: $1.50
Used to polish file work, smooth up intricate guards or clean up solder on your guards. Mount on 3/32" shank mandrel Spring clips for boot knife sheaths. Solder these to the butt caps to gain plenty of thread length when attaching the butt cap to your knife. Use our SSS Solder. 1/4 x 20 thread. 10 pack
Our Price: $1.85
Hot Metal Gloves
Our Price: $3.65
3M Finger Wrap to protect while grinding. Heavy, machine washable cotton gloves designed to provide protection from heat generated by buffing and polishing. At the same time, protecting the polished metal from the acids and moisture of your skin. We had a customer tell us about this tape at a show. The beauty of it is it does not stick to your blade as great as regular masking tape. It still gives you the protection on your blade you need but it is easily removed.
Welding Gloves
Our Price: $5.00
Our Price: $7.00
Economical and fairly good quality. Replacement Rake Metal Refill If you presently use sticks to mix epoxy, you’ll wonder why after using this.
Our Price: $8.15
Belt Cleaner
Our Price: $8.80
An all purpose lubricant for belts and discs. Recommended for all belt polishing operations  on metals, plastic and glass. This will prevent clogging, and leave the abrasive grit free to cut clean and smooth. This will remain wet like an oil and provides lubrication on the coated abrasive belt surface. A rubber-like 8" stick that cleans abrasive belts and disks and doubles their life. Highly recommended by those who have used them. 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" x 8"  #ST80 Sturdy, lightweight design. Silicone nosepiece provides comfortable fit. Clear, polycarbonate lenses are hard coated to help prevent scratches. Has side shields. Black.
Carbide Tipped Scribe
Our Price: $10.50
Slide Rule
Our Price: $11.00
Our Price: $12.50
This slim line design, hex aluminum handle, can be used on hardest metals, pearl, etc. Can be used for scribing knife profile on steel. Carbide tip end is reversible so that point is protected while carrying. This handy gadget will tell you how high you can grind a particular thickness of steel with the diameter of  your grinding wheel. You could actually draw a knife at your kitchen table and knowing you have an 8 inch contact wheel on your grinder, figure out the thickness and width of steel needed to make your knife. Blue Denim Apron 28" x 36" with breast and waist pocket
Our Price: $14.05
Wheel Rake Complete
Our Price: $15.50
Our Price: $18.50
Get superior cleaning results on stainless steel, chrome, laminated plastics, and aluminum surfaces. High-gloss formula that wipes clean with no streaks or build-up, resists fingerprints and masks surface blemishes. 21 oz. A tool to rake and clean cotton buffs, ensuring an efficient buffing surface that will accept and hold abrasive compounds. This multi tool wrench kit has torx keys T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T15, T20 and T25
Our Price: $19.95
Read in Thousandths or MM Very strong magnetic bars to hold small pieces  of steel against a disc or belt sander. They are great finger-savers while removing the bark or just flattening the surface of steel. Head Magnifier with Light and Mirror.  Multiple magnifications: 1.5x, 3x, 9x, 10.5x with 2 lens and loupe.  Fixed lens magnification 1.5x, flip lens magnification 1.5x, loupe magnification 7.5x.  7/8" mirror attachment. 2 bright white LED bulbs to illuminate viewing field. Requires  6 AAA batteries not included.  Adjustable head strap with dial control. Import.
Our Price: $21.45
Accu-Center Scribe
Our Price: $27.50
This center scribe that can't miss on any thickness of steel.  Let the two bars ride either side of your steel and the hardened point will mark center. TUFTOP Medium Glass Cutting Board.  Great Gift Ideas. Call for different scenes available. A new lower cost center scribe. Adjusts to any thickness of steel in seconds. Use to scribe a center line down your steel when you're grinding a blade.
Optivisor 1 3/4 X
Our Price: $37.50
TUFTOP Large Glass Cutting Board.  Great Gift Ideas. Call for different scenes available. Much better quality than you'll find in the magnifocuser. Great clarity and side tension adjustments to prevent up and down slippage. These mandrels are mounted with 2 die cast ball bearing pillow blocks. These mandrels come with a V-belt pulley for 1/2" belts and are threaded on both shaft ends. 1/2" Shaft #4224
Our Price: $43.50
Filing Jig Carbide
Our Price: $150.00
These mandrels are mounted with 2 die cast ball bearing pillow blocks. These mandrels come with a V-belt pulley for 1/2" belts and are threaded on both shaft ends. 5/8" Shaft #4225 Holds a variety of items securely This tool is used to file square shoulders on a hidden tang knife. Has two carbide plates.