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Send us your wood to be custom stabilized.  We are the original custom stabilizers for the knife industry. We custom stabilize wood, stag, ivory, horn, bone, oosic, etc. Why Stabilize? Stabilized woods have been impregnated with monomers and acrylics to produce a dimensionally stable wood. Some advantages of stabilized products are that they minimize or totally eliminate; shrinking, cracking, expanding and warping.  Stabilized wood will not absorb water, impervious to oils, no raised grain when sanded and they take a very high polish.  Pricing is as follows:
1 - 5 lbs $14.00 lb
5 - 10 lbs $12.00 lb
10 + lbs $10.00 lb
These prices are based on the total weight after processing (for example if your material weighs 5 lbs prior to stabilizing and then the final weight after processing is 10 lbs you will be charged for 10lbs).  Please include a list of the items you are sending in, mark your items with your initials with a pencil or white out pen and please send along  a disclaimer stating that you will not hold K & G responsible if anything should happen during the process.  Any questions please feel free to call 928-537-8877.
To download a disclaimer to send in along with your wood for the first time please visit our stabilizing website at